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There are a few long term goals that I have for this kinship, once the foundations are set.

First off, I want it to be around 20-25 active-ish members. You don't have to be a power leveller or some such, but attendance for kin events/instance runs is encouraged. If this is to work, we all have to get to know each other, chat with each other, and play with each other! That means that we have to be active, of course, and willing to go to instances and raids at endgame :)

Secondly, I want the members to have power, and to feel that they are not being controlled by the officers. The number of officers will depend, of course, on how much one contributes to the kinship, if they help, if they are NICE, and if, they are new players, they would have to be willing to learn. I will not simply appoint officers just like 'that'. However, in order to give members power as well, I will allow votes every three, or four, months on the officers and leader at the time. If the members are not happy with the way things are run, then things will change. People will step down for a new, more promising leader to steer the way, and officers will do the same. Of course, this particular thing is subject to change as well, depending on the feedback I get.

And finally, I want this kin to mature into something more. A large family, if you will, where everyone is comfortable with each other...This is what all guilds and kins should aim for, in my humble opinion.
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